We Are the Majority

Our Work

In order to develop strategies and solidarity across sectors and movements, The Rising Majority has identified four key areas of work.

Movement Mapping

The Rising Majority is mapping where our movements are across the country! We are doing this in order to identify ways to collaborate, support and build connections across sectors and movements. We believe movement mapping will allow us to determine the different needs across the country and create the kind of connections that will allow us to build unity across our movements.

Identifying & Engaging Shared Targets

Given the current political climate and the unrelenting attacks on our communities, movements and sectors often have to respond quickly and reactively to each crisis that arises. This can lead to scattered and siloed struggles.

We in The Rising Majority believe that combining our efforts will enable more impactful responses. One area of collaborative work that we are experimenting with is collectively identifying and engaging shared targets, namely those whose actions affect a wide range of movements and communities.

Freedom Think & Action Tanks

The Rising Majority is working to build cohesion, solidarity, and understanding across sectors and movements. Our Think Tanks are spaces for collective thinking, theorizing and information sharing that bring together a wide range of participants from various movements and communities to better assess our view of the world, and explore viable strategies for change, taking lessons from history and applying a transnational perspective.

Building Local Power

The Rising Majority believes that in order for our movements to strengthen, we must support cross movement building locally! We are identifying how best to support organization looking to collaborate, connect and build unity where they live.

We hope that creating tools, resources and ways for people to connect and discuss important issues together, will help us build our collective power across the country as we prepare for The Rising Majority’s Mega Convening in 2020. The Mega Convening will be an opportunity for a number of movements across the country to come together, struggle, learn and understand what is possible for us to do other, that would be otherwise impossible to achieve on our own.