Building a movement wide vision and strategy to free our people.


Rising Majority members have developed a vision for 2050 (public version coming soon!) that emphasizes what advances our movements will make in the next 25 years. From economy to governance, abolition to gender justice, climate justice to labor power, the window is open for us to intervene in a historic manner.

This Vision for 2050 has the follow basis of unity:

  • Regenerative Economy: We unite for an anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and pro-feminist regenerative economy that allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between humans and the planet. This economy centers solidarity, worker power, radical democracy, and organized communities.
  • Radical democracy, Governance and Political Power: We unite for an anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and pro-feminist governance system that embodies democratic practices at every level of society. Decisions are made, as much as possible, by the people whom those decisions impact. This governance system is capable of anchoring a people and planet centered economy.
  • Climate and Land: We unite for a transformed relationship to climate and land that is informed by revolutionary, Black and Indigenous practices and principles that emphasize sovereignty of land and of people. We move toward self-determined relationships to land and solidarity based climate and land practices as a means to reinforce human dignity.
  • Internationalism: We unite to limit, repair, and ultimately end the undue economic, political, and social influence of U.S. imperialist policies in nations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia. We will fight to connect the struggles in the U.S. to global struggles and increase our ability to be part of international solidarity efforts.
  • Radical Alternatives: We unite for building the necessary alternatives to existing economic, social, and political institutions that currently rely on social control and punishment to enforce false notions of safety. In its place, we seek solidarity centered practices that allow communities to repair and transform harm.
  • Popular Imagination & Transformation: We unite for the creation of more horizontal and feminist relations between people and the planet that allow for the full spectrum of human development and experience across gender and sexuality. We connect the necessary economic and governance transformations with social and cultural transformation.


We know that we must build a cross-sectoral and cross-movement strategy that builds the power we need to actualize our 2050 vision.

Our collective strategy emphasizes the following components:

  • Unite and strengthen our existing movements and ecosystems: We are clearer now, more than ever, the limitations of organizing in siloes. We struggle together to build principled unity and commit to solidarity with all efforts that are interested in a bold alternative for our communities. RM will continue to play an active role in bringing together our movement across sectors, geographies, issues, and identities.
  • Resist immediate attacks, Advance new demands, Transform existing systems, and Defend our victories in a manner that builds more governing, narrative, cultural, and organizing power in our communities. We come together to fight an organized opposition that is interested in seeing white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy continue full speed ahead. It is necessary for us to resist immediate attacks as well as anticipate the multi-year and multi-decade battles that require us to build strong and strategic movements today.
  • Build the next phase of the united front necessary for long-term economic, political, and social power. Our progressive and left movements must redefine and build a bigger we that is grounded in our vision, politics, and practice. We must build strong organizations that are capable of bringing more people together and into movement, so that the principles which bring our organizations together are also the principles that can bring society together.

This strategy will require us to enter into higher levels of shared leadership and collaboration across our movements to be successful.