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The Majority Coalition Calls For An Immediate End To the Criminalization & Detention of Our Immigrant Family on the Border

The Majority, a coalition of more than 50 organizations across the country, joins the growing call for the immediate end to the criminalization and detention of our immigrant family on the border. We are especially heartbroken and angry about the violent separation of children and parents as a part of a larger set of policies that devalue the lives of Black and brown people in this country and around the world. Over six million people have been displaced or forced from their homes due to war, violence, and the ravages of a system that seeks to extract labor from and poison our communities as a means to accumulate wealth.

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The Majority is committed to building an anti-capitalist, anti-racist movement for radical democracy. Our name speaks to the growing demographic majority of people of color in the United States, and it exposes the reality that those with an excess of power do not represent us or a world where all our families are safe.

Since this country’s inception, Black and brown, immigrant and migrant labor has been exploited, and U.S. democracy defined in racial terms: denying land, rights, and even life to those deemed noncitizens or at worst nonhuman. The so-called American dream has never been within reach for most of us, and it is even less so today. By detaining immigrants at the border and criminalizing children, the U.S. government is extending the murderous policy of incarcerating primarily Black and brown people in cages called prisons. The imprisonment of children is a stark representation of the United States as a failed system, country, and state.

We recognize the value of all variations of familial structures, and we understand that our families are vast and diverse, taking many shapes and forms, and that they can be chosen or based on blood relations. The vile reality of families being separated is a familiar one to us—whether it is the kidnapping of Indigenous children or the separation of Black families during the slave trade or the internment of Japanese children and their families during World War II. All these atrocities were the result of specific policies that were intended to control and destroy our communities, and they have created lasting traumas in our communities.

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In today’s political landscape, we are clear that some of our lives are seen as valuable, and some are not. This moment of crisis calls us forth into leadership to center the voices of those most affected, especially as the response of our government officials has been both insufficient and self-serving. Some bodies are deemed disposable and expendable. We are here to say that we love all our people, and we will not succumb to the divide-and-conquer tactics that would have Black workers see Mexican or South American workers as a threat to our collective well-being. We know that neoliberal policies capitalize on crises to deny services, attack unions and workers, and open borders for capitalists, and that these policies are as dangerous as the current hypernationalist policies of the Trump regime. We know that if we want to change the world, the majority of us must come together to take action and protect one another.

Join the Majority for a call on Tuesday, June 26 at (8 pm EST; 7 pm CTL; 5 pm PST) Register for the call here to learn what is happening on the ground and how we can support those fighting back.