The Rising Majority DACA Statement

This morning, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to end the DACA program. In the 5-4  opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts called Donald Trump’s administration’s action “arbitrary and capricious.”

Immigrant Youth Won Big Today with DACA. Rising Majority Stands Behind Them With Full Support.

Undocumented, but unafraid  immigrant youth, their families, their networks and their allies organized and won DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in 2012.  Despite Trump’s racist anti-immigration agenda and xenophobic attacks, based on today’s Supreme Court decision over 700,000 young people are currently protected from deportation, able to pursue work and educational opportunities,  build thriving communities. This is a testament to the power of youth organizing.

Trump lost today but the fight for freedom continues. 

This decision comes at a moment of  national uprisings  demanding the defunding of  the police and reallocation of funds for investment in the people.  The police are just one  component of state sanctioned violence. ICE, Detention Centers, US Customs and Border Protection are also  perpetrators of violence that terrorize immigrant communities, and specifically Black immigrants who sit at the intersections of these interlocking systems and anti-blackness.  As we call for the defunding of police, we also unapologetically lift up the call for the abolition of ICE and CBP. Each tentacle needs to be cut  off and replaced by systems of community control of  health, wellness, security.

Trump and his ilk are responsible for devastating communities of Black , undocumented immigrant and working class people, as well as other communities of color’ LGBTQI people, and women. We must all  work  for solutions that  support all of us. We reject false “deals” from Republicans and Democrats that criminalize Black and Brown communities through the expansion of ICE and CBP deportation machine, criminalization, and racist agenda. 

National Coordinator of the Rising Majority, Nikita Mitchell said, “While we celebrate today as a victory for all DACA recipients, we understand that the road to true victory is much longer.  The Rising Majority is committed to the protracted struggle to ensure that the illegitimacy of national borders  doesn’t impede one’s ability to live with dignity and humanity.  We cannot allow the livelihood of immigrant, undocumented peoples, and Black folks be subjected to the politically driven whims of tyrants.  We are committed to the protracted struggle to eradicate state sanctioned violence- whether it be at the hands of police, ICE, Customs and Border Patrol, or vigilantes. As a Black and people of color led multi-racial coalition we stand with our comrades, our Rising Majority members, and our communities that have been fighting on the front lines against police brutality, ICE, and detention centers. ”

We are proud of what our movements have won and are ready to fight for more. Join us.

The Rising Majority is a Black and people of color led multi-racial coalition committed to opposing the ravages of racial capitalism, settler colonialism, white supremacy and patriarchy. 

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