April 4, 2020 10:00AM EST

Covid-19 Rapid Response Community Outreach

Daily Throughout April, 10AM -7:30 EST

Every year WFP reaches millions of Americans about voting for progressives up and down the ballot because we know that who holds the reins of power matters. In this unprecedented crisis, we’re going to put our text and phone banking infrastructure to use to reach out to thousands of seniors and our neighbors to find out if they’re okay. Because who keeps us safe? We keep us safe. This crisis is exposing deep inequalities in our society that were there all along. In addition to connecting people to needed mutual aid efforts, we’ll use this opportunity to talk to our neighbors about some of the big political changes we need to make in this country. Together we can build an army of volunteers that can keep us safe, respond to attacks on our democracy, and fight for the equity we need. If you’re down to reach out to folks from your home join us!

Join the Working Families Text4Resistance team to learn how to utilize peer to peer texting in this time to respond to the ongoing crisis. We do wellness checks, offer information about mutual aid, make new community connections, and offer ways for those that are well to engage in political actions to demand our government put people and health first! 

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