I pledge to #SQUADUP

I pledge to SQUADUP; to see the capitalistic motives of profit over people for what they are and to turn towards my community not away from it because it is deep community and connections that will get us through.  I know that the survival of our people and our planet are at stake and  I commit to social distancing but not separation.  Now more than ever  I commit to having brave conversations, fighting against injustice, and working to end all forms of oppression. I join those who envision a world where people of every age, race, gender, and sexual orientation can live and thrive with dignity and safety, and where both poverty and obscene wealth inequality are no more. Our progressive vision for the future is not in the minority. We are the Rising Majority.

#BuildYourSquad #SquadUp

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We are the majority, and we are rising in numbers and power.